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This is a great package if you feel like you need help organizing your goals and refining your training but are confident managing and executing a training plan on your own. This service allows for very limited access to your coach.

Tired of aimlessly following a generic training program found in a book or online? Have a specific race in mind such as a half marathon or a marathon? Eager to beat last year’s PR? New to running and open to training without ongoing access to a coach? Wish you had a training plan created just for you? Most generic training schedules account only for a runner’s perceived ability (beginner, intermediate, advanced) without factoring in current fitness (recent race results), specific training targets, running history or lifestyle. I’m delighted to offer fully personalized self-managed training calendars based on your needs and for whatever race distance you wish: a fully customized training plan for you from start to finish! With this service, I will cultivate a daily training plan to direct you towards your goal race. However, the training plan is all yours to manage!

Please keep in mind that you must be confident in executing a training plan on your own. If you feel like you require a more hands-on approach, consider the online Private Coaching option. This coaching option requires an Assessment for new clients only.


  • a full daily calendar of workouts ranging in duration of 12-20 weeks – just for you – from day one through race day.
  • specific pacing target and workout objective for each run/quality workout.
  • plan structured for a single ‘A’ race specified by you! Multiple races may be available depending on the calendar.
  • full plan posted to your individual Final Surge online profile. Configure a daily email or text reminder to stay on track and integrate GPS technology i.e. Garmin to track progress
  • training tips and theory built into the plan.

Base Training Plan

$130flat rate
  • 12 weeks

Additional Training Weeks

$10per week
  • 13-20 weeks