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Pacing is the most personal service offered. I run with you – at your pace – over a pre-determined route and distance during a training run or race. With this service, it’s all about YOU!

I’ve paced less experienced runners (in their very first road race) to local elite men & women in races ranging in distance from 10k to the marathon. I’ve also served as an official NIKE pacer for several NYC-area races including the NYC Half Marathon and the Hamptons Marathon. Ideal for higher intensity quality sessions, long training runs and races for clients who typically have difficulty executing a race plan or who could benefit from the motivation of a training partner. Pacing sessions are akin to working with a personal trainer but with a running focus. Private sessions involve running with your coach one-on-one with a focus on specificity of training, workout objectives and target pacing along with real time feedback, motivation and support!

This service requires a one hour minimum commitment and a 24-hour booking notice, pending availability. Sessions longer than one hour can be booked in increments of 15 minutes. This coaching option requires an Assessment.


  • …receive one-on-one pacing and coaching from your coach during your training run or race
  • …timed progress while we run your workout (great if you have specific goals in mind)
  • …post-run email containing all GPS data collected during our run via Garmin Connect i.e. pace, splits, distance, route
  • …packages available! Contact me if you would like to arrange multiple runs together.
  • …discount available for Private Coaching clients!
  • …thorough post run stretch, if desired
  • …sessions longer than the 60 minute minimum can be booked in 15 minute increments.

Current Private Coaching Client

  • 60 minute minimum

Non-Coaching Client

  • 60 minute minimum