• Monthly Training Schedule
  • No email communication
  • No phone calls
  • Lite package
  • Premium Final Surge coaching account


  • Weekly Training Schedule
  • Email communication 3x/week
  • No phone calls
  • Standard package
  • Premium Final Surge coaching account


  • Weekly Training Schedule
  • Unlimited email communication
  • One virtual meeting per month
  • Premium package
  • Premium Final Surge coaching account

NO contracts or minimum commitments.

Private Coaching (online training) is the most popular service available. With Private Coaching, you will receive personal attention as we cultivate an adjustable online training schedule from the start of training through race day. Select a service tier that best fits your needs and budget.

All ongoing interaction with your coach, via email or phone, is dictated by the service tier selected. Great for newer runners who may be intimidated by the challenge of attempting a new distance for the first time or for the seasoned athlete seeking a more sophisticated approach to training. This service is particularly useful for runners preparing for an ‘A’ race such as a 5k, 10k, half marathon or marathon. Throughout the relationship, your coach will strive to effectively communicate with you to provide the most appropriate training and insight available.

Your online training is customized for you in a simple format, tailored to your goals and your lifestyle.

Premium Final Surge Athlete Account

Final Surge is the online software platform we’ll use to manage your schedule. The interface contains all of the features needed to organize, track and analyze your training – from planning workouts, importing workout data, setting reminders to communicating with your coach.

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This service requires a one time Assessment for all new clients.