New Private Coaching Client

$95one time fee
  • In-person
  • Initial running consultation
  • 60 minutes in total duration
  • Required for new client on-boarding

New Private Coaching Client

$50one time fee
  • Via phone
  • Initial running consultation
  • 60 minutes in total duration
  • Required for new client on-boarding

Non-Private Coaching Client

$99one time fee
  • Via phone or email
  • Ad hoc running consultation/review
  • 60 minutes in duration + 30 minute blocks
  • Review of training, results or race prep
* phone is the overwhelmingly popular option

During the Assessment, I will obtain crucial information about your running history and help you define your training objectives. If we choose to partner together, the Assessment is also a great way for us to get to know one another! Think of this as your professional running consultation.

Whether you are a newbie or an accomplished athlete, the Assessment is a great way to introduce you to effective training strategies and refine your current approach. Challenging you with a variety of training which is specific in nature is vital to keeping running structured, effective and (dare I say) fun. As part of this service, I will attempt to help you map out an approach to take on whatever running goals you aspire to achieve. We’ll also discuss your individual scheduling concerns to help you feel adequately prepared given your lifestyle, professional schedule and outside interests. For incoming private coaching clients, this is where I feel I can add value for athletes seeking a more customized approach. I also like to allot time to answer questions about gear, in-run nutrition and any additional training topics pertaining to running you would like to address. After our meeting I will write up a detailed summary of our discussion.

Stuck in your current training mold unsure of how or where to enhance your approach? Need an experienced coach to review your notes, lab results, training journal or discuss race preparation? Consultations are now available for non-running clients as well!


  • 60 minute consultation to review all answers provided in response to the initial questionnaire.

  • Discuss past running experiences and race results and define future running goals. Analyze current training approach and discuss areas for potential improvement.

  • Review injury history and any potential physical challenges, if applicable.

  • Evaluate and refine the best approach to running and training for YOU which ultimately means: determine how running fits into your lifestyle (work, family, outside interests).

  • Introduce training theory and discuss what a sample schedule might look like.

  • Answer any questions about training targets, running gear, wearable technology etc.

  • Further acquaint ourselves with one another (critical for new clients).