New Client Assessment

$75one time fee
  • Phone or virtual
  • Initial running consultation
  • 75 minutes
  • Required for new client on-boarding

Non Client Consult

$110one time fee
  • Phone or virtual
  • Ad hoc running consultation/review
  • 60 minutes minimum + 30 minutes, if need be
  • Designed for athletes or coaches

Think of this service as your on-boarding running consultation for new clients. During the Assessment, we will obtain crucial information about your athletic and training history as well as your goals which will help us define and curate your training objectives.

Challenging you with a variety of training which is specific in nature is vital to keeping running structured, effective and fun. Therefore, whether you are a newbie or an accomplished athlete, the Assessment is a great way to introduce you to effective training strategies while refining your current approach. As part of this service, we will begin to help you map out an approach to take on whatever running goals you aspire to achieve.

We’ll also discuss your individual scheduling concerns to account for your lifestyle, professional schedule and interests outside of running. For incoming private coaching clients, this is where we feel we add value for athletes seeking a more customized approach. Time permitting, we also like to allot time to answer questions about gear, in-run nutrition and any additional training topics pertaining to running you would like to address. After our meeting we will write up a detailed summary of our discussion and send them to you via email.

Stuck in your current training mold unsure of how or where to enhance your approach? Consultations are available for those non-running clients who prefer expert guidance but aren’t interested in ongoing coaching themselves. Need an experienced coach to review your approach, lab results, training journal or discuss race preparation? We’re available! This is also a great service for high school, club or youth coaches seeking a more sophisticated approach to training distance runners of all levels.