Hello and thank you for your interest in my coaching services. If you are ready to learn more about how I may help your running, please fill out the form below. There are four sections but they each contain valuable information to help me better understand your needs and expectations. Once submitted, I will contact you via email shortly thereafter and suggest some ways we might begin. Please be as thorough as possible. Thank you, in advance!
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  • Current Fitness

    In order to know where we should start I will need to know what, if any, running you're doing now.
  • Please include distance, time & date. (example: Chicago Marathon, 3:25:10, mm/yyyy)
  • Please include distance, time & date. (example: Hamptons Half Marathon, 1:50:10, mm/yyyy)
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  • Goals

    Since you are interested in hiring a running coach you surely have some goals in mind. Goals are particularly important because they help set a direction in which to focus your efforts and specificity of training. Tell me what you hope to achieve.
  • EXAMPLE: 2017 NYC Marathon, 2018 London Marathon
  • EXAMPLE 1: I would like to complete a 1/2 Marathon under 2 hours and run the NYC Marathon next fall in honor of my mother who is a cancer survivor. EXAMPLE 2: I am registered for a NYRR 10k in October and I would like to run a personal best.
  • EXAMPLE: I am currently about 20lbs overweight and I would like to use running as a way to help shed the extra pounds.
  • EXAMPLE: If I don't see results quickly I typically become discouraged and give up. I would like to build up the courage to stick with a training plan.
  • Challenges

    Equally as important to defining your goals is recognizing and ackowledging the challenges you may face along the way. Tell me a little about the challenges you foresee which may hinder your progress.
  • EXAMPLE: I'm limited on time because I work 50+ hours each week and have 3 kids.
  • Why I want a running coach

    Your success, in whatever your goals are, is my priority. To help me fully understand what you would like get out of having a coach, please tell me what would make our partnership successful to you.
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  • Please elaborate on the service in which you would be interested - if not listed above.
  • EXAMPLES: I have been unable to maintain a steady training program on my own. I lack the motivation to run on my own so I need someone to motivate me. I need a coach for accountability. I just don't know how to train effectively.
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