Please feel free to visit the PRIVATE COACHING page to view the differences about the various coaching tiers. With ALL coaching tiers, athletes are free to swap between tiers at any time. As with any private coaching relationship, there are no contracts or minimum commitments.

BRONZE (lite) – Athletes receive a monthly training plan uploaded to Final Surge but interaction with your coach is limited to the initial Assessment. You are able to upload training data and record workout notes to your Final Surge training log but ongoing access via email or phone is excluded. If you feel like you need help organizing your goals and refining your training but are confident managing and executing a training program on your own, Bronze is the tier for you. If you feel like you may require a more hands-on approach, consider the SILVER tier.

SILVER (standard) – Silver is by-far the most popular tier offered. All of the features of the Bronze tier are included with Silver with two big exceptions – athletes are offered access to ask questions and advice via email or in-app messaging within Final Surge on an ongoing basis. With Silver, you are free to send as many as 3 emails per week with unlimited in-app messaging. Silver also includes your pre-race preparation and race-day strategy i.e. a mile by mile approach to your race course.

GOLD (premium) – The big advantage to the Gold tier above what is already offered in Bronze and Silver: two 30-minute conference or video calls each month to discuss progress, scheduling and refine training on an ongoing basis. A truly hands on approach!