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Runners World
Runners WorldJan 2018
The Loop: “On my easy days I end up running too fast. How can I avoid overdoing it?”
Runners World
Runners WorldDec 2017
The Loop: “Can a running buddy hurt my performance?”
Under Armour Map My Run
Under Armour Map My RunAug 2017
Running Etiquette: On Race Day

I share some of my thoughts about the etiquette of racing!

Furthermore From Equinox
Furthermore From EquinoxJuly 2017
The Endurance Event Equation

I was asked to to discuss the frequency of marathon racing: ‘how many is too many’.

Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers
“Your First Race Prep Guide”

Deena Kastor (U.S. Marathon Record Holder) and I were interviewed by Weight Watchers – we were asked to discuss training and race preparation for novice runners.

Self Magazine
Self Magazine
“How To Run A 5K Without Training At All”

Spoiler alert: I would NOT recommend attempting any race distance without adequate training.

Men's Fitness
Men's Fitness
“Your 16-week plan, plus pro tips for making it through a 26.2-mile race.”
Activeby Mackenzie Lobby
“The Art of Recovery During Marathon Training!”
Runners World
Runners WorldJuly 2012
“How often can I run short races without getting burned out or injured?”

Ask the experts segment – click through to read my response!

Spry Living
Spry Living
“12 Best Marathon Training Tips from Experts.”

Spry Living, a monthly health magazine insert in newspapers such as the NY Daily News and the LA Times, asked me to compile marathon training tips for runners.

New York Post
New York Post
“Marathon training made me fat.”

Well, not exactly. This header is very misleading. Poor choices generally lead to weight gain.