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Greetings and welcome to GB Running, my online coaching and running resource! I am Gary Berard, an RRCA, USATF and Daniels VDOTO2 certified running coach, and am passionate about coaching runners of all levels.

Throughout my running career I have completed countless races within New York City and beyond – including eight marathons and all of the U.S. Marathon Majors: New York, Chicago and Boston.

Whether you are new to running and looking for someone to help you get to the starting line of your first 5K or an experienced runner looking to better your best times – you will be in very professional hands with me. My athletes range in ability from novices to elite runners attempting to run an Olympic qualifying standard. However, the bulk of my athletes are everyday runners balancing work, family and other commitments with their running. 

Over the five years from 2009-2013 I led all coaching for the JackRabbit Sports NYC/fall marathon program (Manhattan) and, during that time, oversaw the training for hundreds of runners. More recently, I have partnered with the Run SMART Project as a private coach and, in the greater NYC area, have led half marathon and marathon training groups using training theory created and endorsed by legendary running coach, Dr. Jack Daniels.

As a former executive in the financial services industry I understand the need to create a sensible work-life balance. You may find running serves as a reprieve from countless hours at the office or the tool you use to lose weight and further sculpt your body. Whatever your needs, I would be delighted to assist you further and guide you safely along your journey in attempt to achieve your goals. 

Contact me and let’s begin the journey to the starting line – together!


  • Bachelor of Science, Syracuse University
  • RRCA level-1 certified running coach
  • USATF (USA Track & Field) level-1 coaching certification
  • USATF registered & approved coach (NCSI background screening registration): registry here
  • Dr. Jack Daniels VDOTO2 coaching certification – details
  • Eight time marathoner (2:45:18) including all U.S. Marathon Majors (New York, Chicago, Boston)
  • Run SMART Project private running coach utilizing training theory developed by Dr. Jack Daniels
  • Jackrabbit Sports head NYC marathon coach (2009-2013)
  • City Coach private running coach alongside founder, Jonathan Cane
  • New York Road Runners Pace Team member (2017-present)
  • NIKE race team pacer for NYC Half Marathon and Hamptons Marathon
  • NIKE Pro Elite Services running coach and NIKE Run NYC pacer (2006-2014, various dates)
  • CPR certification and basic First Aid (recently expired May-2017), NY Metro CPR
  • Insured! Fitness and Wellness Insurance provided by Philadelphia Insurance Companies

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Proven coaching theory derived from years of scientific research

The network effect of the number of running coaches and athletes who have adopted the training methodology developed by Dr. Jack Daniels is immeasurable. If specificity of training is paramount to successful advances in running fitness, Daniels coaching theory – and the development of the VDOT system – is designed to facilitate this advancement. I’ve had tremendous success as an athlete and a coach using a Daniels-based system. Named “World’s Best Running Coach”, Jack is a pioneer in the areas of running, sports science, altitude training and has served as a mentor to me and countless others who feel Daniels has surpassed most others in the field. Let’s run!

“I run under the influence of Jack Daniels.”

A Proven Process Produces Results

1. Speed

Stress aerobic power (VO2max) and improve speed & economy. Enhance anaerobic tolerance and anaerobic power.

2. Strength

Develop a greater tolerance for lactate as well as the capability to use lactate as a fuel for exercise.

3. Endurance

Muscular & orthopedic adaptations condition your body to endure the distances of your race distance! Extensive and intensive aerobic training.

4. Rest

Rest is not an avoidance of training but, rather, a critical component of training.

5. Nutrition

No recovery method will overcome sleep debt or poor dietary choices—these are performance killers!