Private online New York City (NYC) & New Jersey (NJ) RRCA, USATF & Daniels VDOT certified running coach welcoming individual clients of all fitness levels & experience. Inquire about group & event specific training.

I’m delighted you have discovered my online running and marathon coaching resource! You will find that I offer a variety of services to help you achieve your running goals – whatever they might be. Choose to partner with me and receive highly personal coaching and benefit from an experienced, certified running coach and local elite runner. 

While most athletes typically focus their training on conventional race distances from 5k to the marathon, I encourage you to connect to discuss your coaching needs. All coaching services are customized for each individual client – including (but not limited to) current fitness, training targets, running history, race goals and lifestyle.

Though I am currently in the greater New York City (NYC) area I have coached clients remotely all over the globe – from California to Australia. My intention is to share my passion for running and to help you become a smarter runner which hopefully translates into a healthier, happier, faster you.

Take the guesswork out of your training and benefit from hands-on coaching. Get started today!

My Belief

Private coaching is not only for elite athletes – coaching is for anyone who wants to improve their running.

My Goal

I’d like to help you become a smarter, faster, more confident runner and a more balanced person.

My Approach

Proven coaching derived from science. Expertise & accountability of a professional partnership.



“Have a dream, make a plan, go for it. You’ll get there, I promise.” – Zoe Koplowitz

What I appreciate the most about Gary is that he takes running seriously…but not TOO seriously. Working with him is a great reminder that it’s important to keep a sense of humor and have fun along the way. Training is more enjoyable when you have a coach to laugh with!

Gary has added a level of specificity and analysis to my training that was missing for the past two decades. I know he spends a great deal of time crunching numbers and perfecting the workout plan–something that is way beyond my area of expertise, even as a seasoned runner. I love that my runs are intentionally designed and customized just for me.

He’s also a forever optimist, which comes in handy when the self-doubt starts to creep in. Gary is president of my fan club, for which I am very grateful.

I’ve worked with Gary for several years now and give him very high marks for his investment in clients, his love of running, and his thoughtful approach to training.

Sheyna H., New York, NY

I want to thank Gary for the training plan he prepared for me in preparation for the 2018 Brooklyn Half Marathon. This was the first time I really felt prepared for a half marathon. I was able to go into this race feeling the most confident I’ve ever been – beating my half marathon personal best by 10+ minutes was just an added bonus.

Tony L., Brooklyn, NY

Working with Gary was great! From the very beginning, he set up a program that was challenging but necessary in order for me to achieve my goals. Throughout the process of training he held me accountable while maintaining a positive attitude. When thoughts of doubt crept in, he was right there offering words of encouragement and his faith in my abilities and my training. It all worked! I hit my goals, had a 10 minute PR and qualified for Boston in the 2015 Chicago Marathon. I can’t say enough good things about the whole experience!

Matthew K., Brooklyn, NY

I finished the 2014 NYC Marathon at an all-time low. I was injured and dejected after failing to meet my marathon goals on three attempts in three years. After battling back from injury I knew I needed help if I wanted to qualify for Boston (knocking at least 10 minutes off my best attempt). I began working with Gary at the outset of my marathon training cycle with my sights set on the 2015 Chicago Marathon. His positivity, understanding of the science, and ability to adapt and customize my training to meet my specific needs were instrumental in my progress. With his guidance, I quickly PR’d at 5k, 10k, Half-Marathon and then in October I ran the marathon of my life, knocking more than 15 minutes off my PR and coming in nearly 6 minutes under Boston Qualifying time. And the crazy part? It was the easiest marathon I’ve ever run. No wall, no bonk, I trusted my training, I trusted my coaching, I trusted my race plan and I trusted my coach. Thanks to Gary I was better prepared physically and mentally than I’d ever been.

If you know what your realistic goals are, and you are 100% willing to do the work, Gary will get you there. I am unbelievably grateful for his coaching, and I firmly believe that I would not have been able to cross this huge goal off my bucket list without him.

Brian R., Nashville, TN

A Proven Process Produces Results

“Make voyages. Attempt them. There’s nothing else.” – Tennessee Williams


Muscular and orthopedic adaptations condition the body to develop a denser blood supply to working muscles and increase the cellular machinery needed to metabolize fat for fuel more efficiently. Changes in bone, muscle, and connective tissue improve tolerance to the orthopedic stress of running, preparing the body for higher intensity training.


Develop a greater tolerance for lactate while increasing aerobic capacity and improving efficiency at faster paces i.e. feel more comfortable while running faster. Separately, strength training focusing on single leg stability and plyometric drills have both been shown to improve running economy.


Anaerobic tolerance: improvements in cardiac output, aerobic capacity and lactate threshold. How much blood can you deliver to the running muscles? And how much of that oxygen that is delivered can convert fuel into energy? Anaerobic power: short, very high intensity efforts aimed at maximizing neuromuscular firing and power output in an effort to improve speed and economy.


Rest is not an avoidance of training but, rather, a critical component of it. Sleep may be the most valuable, most abundant, least expensive and perhaps the most underutilized resource available to a recovering or injured runner. Sleep is crucial for proper immune function, tissue healing and one of the most productive things you can do!


Adequate carbohydrate intake fuels workouts, brain and muscle recovery while “good” fats decrease inflammation, reduce soreness and heal injuries. Adequate protein intake accelerates muscle growth and speeds recovery by helping rebuild muscle fibers stressed during a run. Effective in-run fueling and hydration enhances performance. Running pace slows by 3% for every 1% decrease in body weight caused by dehydration!